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Here's how it works

Find out how much you are protected

A simple and neat dashboard gives you an at-a-glance overview of how much you saved, and how many invalid clicks you avoided.

Set up your protection rule

Several functions can be performed here. There are automatic rules that we can set up. VPN IPs can be blocked. You can even manually exclude IPs

Find out the reasons for the blocked IP

You may be very curious why IPs are blocked. Under this section, you can study deep down to understand the reasons. Is it about VPN or fraud click?

Detailed reports for your analysis

You will be able to block IPs with a single click. At the same time, detailed findings of campaign, keywords, country, and device can be checked

Apply for Google Refund

You may download the full click report. If you spot out that any click frauds, the account owner is able to manually apply for a Google refund.

Who is wasting your budget?

You don't want your market money to spend in useless way and with Clickmoat
your campaign can thrive without any potential harmful click

  • Annoying Competitors
    Annoying Competitors

    What's the quickest way to take away your clients? Deplete your ad budget, make you out of the ad auction and take your place. Clickmoat helps you stop your competitors from seeing and clicking on your ads.

  • Academic Researchers
    Academic Researchers

    A hidden group of people you should be aware, who clicking on your ad with no malious but also no intention to purchase. Exclude them to leverage every dollar to rach your real customers.

  • Internet Bots
    Internet Bots

    High CTR but low conversion rate? Cos, not every click is from a human. Some click bots are designed to waste your ad budget. Control your budget by excluding the invalid bot traffic with us.

  • Spamming Software
    Spamming Software

    May from your competitors or brand haters. Designed to create a large scale dedicated click fraud operation to inflate your clicks volume, waste your budget and harm your marketing campaigns.

  • Random Clicks
    Random Clicks

    Clicks is the key to getting conversions but random clicks are not included. Over half of the mobile ad clicks are unintentional. Blocking fake clicks can imporves your traffic quality and get more conversions.

Works Platform

Clickmoat works with any platforms


Say goodbye to click fraud

Identify worthless Click

See the source of each and every Google Ads click. Identify fraudulent, spammy, or non-engaged clicks.

Full Control on the Protection

Over how, why, and what traffic you are blocking, with custom rules for each of your campaigns.

Extensive Analytics

Analyze your Clicks from Various Dimensions so you can have full picture on the Quality of your clicks

Easy-to-use interface

Quick and Easy Setup and the clear interface enable you to have all the information in your fingertips

Reasonable Price

Get your PPC Campaign protected with as little as 1 USD/Day, It will be the best investment you made

24/7 Support

24/7 Support makes sure we can provide quick response and make sure your account is taken care.

Stop All Advertising Fraud in Seconds

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