Easily manage all your clients’
accounts in one place

Multiple Domain View

Easily block fraudulent clicks on all your clients’ PPC campaigns in seconds.

Whitelabel reports

Make personalized reports for your clients with your own logo while using your ClickMoat data and analytics.

Strategic reporting

Receive monthly detailed reports with account recommendations and advanced performance analytics your live dynamic dashboard.

Gain more trust with your clients

Let your clients watch recordings of their site visitors.

Dedicated account manager

The 24/7 support is always available for your needs.

Reduce your client’s CPC and CPA by
removing invalid traffic

Exceed client expectations

Always have up to date data on your clients’ keywords and positions making sure you're always ahead of their competition.


Control your

No more exhausted budgets half way through the day or having to rely on refund claims.

State of the art

Using advanced AI technology and known blacklists, ClickMoat detects and blocks fraudulent IPs in under 3 seconds, guaranteeing only genuine traffic to your website.


Works platform

ClickMoat works with any platform

Stop Paying For Worthless Invalid Click Fraud

Secure your marketing ROI to safely scale your Google Ads like
never before, with 24/7 real-time protection.

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